For my next episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing and speaking to Jason Atwood, co-founder and chief productivity officer at Arkus Inc. As a GTD fan myself, I was quite eager to know the man behind all those productivity posts and boy I was not disappointed 😀.

Jason is not just a productivity champ but also a bold and fierce entrepreneur. He is fiddling with Salesforce since early 2000's therefore we can easily call him an OG 😄.

Fun fact: He was close to joining the mothership just before he decided to form Arkus Inc.

Fun fact 2: He used to get cheques from Salesforce for bringing in new customers!  

In this episode, we discuss how is he driving ArkusInc. and building a name for itself in the non-profit sector. We talked a lot about remote work, how he uses Salesforce to manage the team plus all the business and how everyone at Arkus is expected to be involved in the community and give back 🤝. That's how we grow, right?! I think this is a great quality and I will definitely incorporate it at skillpruf.

Give this episode a spin and let us know what you think 🙌🏽.

Jason M. Atwood

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