In episode 3, Andrea gave us the advice, just do it; In this episode we take a step further and say do it now. If you have that idea and it's not letting you sleep at night, well you know what, it's time to take action 💪🏻

Sergey told me that I should have Pat as guest on my podcast and boy I was not disappointed. This is the best way to round-up the Solopreneur series.

In this episode Pat shares his years of wisdom that he has gained, first working as a freelance video producer then as a CMO of multi-million dollar company and lately as a Salesforce Solopreneur.

Currently the Chief Lightning Office at Proton7Group ⚡️. He also single-handedly published and app on this appExchange. This episode is full of business nuggets and not the one to be missed.

Give it a spin and let me know what you think 😀