This advice has been repeated time and again as is plastered all over the history books. This is also what got me started in freelancing. Back in the day when I was contemplating making the move, a very close friend told me the same and I cannot thank him for that till today. Whenever someone asks me if they should go solo or not, I tell them the same 😀

Andrea's beginnings has the common theme that we see often in the Salesforce cosmos. She started with the spot for pardot blog to share knowledge she couldn't find on the net, but her growth is anything but common. Sercânte hit the magical $1,000,000 revenue mark within the first year 🤯and they are on track to quadruple the revenue in it's 3rd year, you do math 😉

Having such an explosive growth comes with its own set of challenges which is what we discussed in this episode. She is an avid reader and a Seth Godin fan (who isn't?) and I can also highly recommend the books she has mentioned in the episode. Checkout the episode yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below 🎧

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