Martin could easily be confused for a German because of his love for process’ and systems (and dry humour 😄). That has also been one of the reasons for slow and steady growth of FocusOnForce. If you have Salesforce certification(s), there are high chances that you have used one or more of his practice test(s).

In this episode, we discuss the early days of FocusOnForce which was basically a blog and how it morphed into a 15 people company that it is today. Martin shares his wisdom on how he runs the business and what are the challenges of running a site like FocusOnForce. In the end we discuss how as small business owner, you need to keep up-skilling and get comfortable with uncomfortable feeling of learning new things or doing things you don’t like (finance / marketing).

The books we discussed in the episode are:

  1. The E-myth (Highly recommended)
  2. Traction
  3. Scale

Listen to the episodes and let us know your thoughts in comments section.