If you are in the Salesforce ecosystem, if it will be hard to for you to miss Ines. She calls herself "the mad scientist" and rightly so. She is a consultant, book author, card-game developer, pluralsight course author, agile enthusiast and LGBTQIA+ ally.

Ines is someone who completely embodies the Solopreneur spirit. Just like myself, she is a Solopreneur because she wants to have the freedom to do the things she wants to do (read the list above). What I found most interesting during our discussion is, she does not like to be labelled or pigeon-holed into one box. Life has so much to offer, why just be one thing.

Ines' LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/inesgarciaagile/

Her new book: amzn.to/3n1S2FZ

GetAgile: getagile.co.uk

Ines on Twitter: twitter.com/Inescapinezka