We believe there is an (information) void about how business happens within the Salesforce cosmos, what are the different channels and how does it work with 3rd party providers. This is our humble attempt at addressing that information gap. The format includes blog posts / podcasts and (coming soon) video interviews. This website will focus on mostly all-things-business with some occasional technical content.

Salesforce is a mature technology now and in the last decade or so, there has been a drastic increase in the number of people, either starting a company, specifically targeted at Salesforce users or becoming a Solopreneur. Jobs in the Salesforce eco-system are currently very lucrative; But still, there is a whole lot, who shies away from doing the 9 to 6 and taking matter in their own hands.

Rise And Grind

We will interview these bold men and women, who defy the norm and try to understand what inspired them to take the leap. Was it the freedom of working on different projects, parallel careers or true inner calling? We will listen to their stories about how it all began, what/who inspired them and where are they currently in their journey. Was it worth it?

We will discuss topics like, what is an SI partner, who is an ISV, how do consultancies acquire projects? Then, what are other revenue streams available outside traditional business such as publishing books, online courses, blogs, youtube channels, etc.

Our goal is to ignite that little spark in you; If you have been thinking about making the jump, then this may give you that little push, to make that first step. By helping each other grow, we create more for everyone. After all, we are one big #Ohana.

Though the information here will be mostly focused around Salesforce, we believe the general business principles could be applied to all. If there is a topic around business and economics that you would like to be covered, shoot us a mail or contact on twitter.

Here is a list blogs / podcasts which are already doing a great job at covering all technical things around Salesforce.

About Ankit Taneja

I joined a Salesforce startup back in 2012 as employee number 2, right after finishing my Masters. This is where my entrepreneurial journey began. We made apps for the Salesforce AppExchange. I was mostly responsible for the technical side of the business. Worked hard and learned a lot however, things did not work out that well and I left the company at the end of 2014. Moved to Berlin and started freelancing to enjoy the infamous long weekends. After 5 years of solopreneurship, I am currently working on starting my next company (beginning 2020), this time managing the non-technical side of things. This is my new challenge and this website, an effort to share my journey and learn from experiences of others and get inspired. I hope you enjoy it!