First of all, here is how we think an advertisement should sound like 😀

Forcepreneur Sponsorship Plan

Forcepreneur is Salesforce’s first and only podcast focused on the business side of Salesforce ecosystem. We love the Salesforce technology but we also love the economics of running a company. In the first year, I just interviewed founders. This year, I have started doing mini-series’ which focus on certain type or aspect of running a company, such as ISV or operations. There is an upcoming PDO series.

Since we are not bound to a job-role our listeners include everyone. I mean: developers, admins, consultants, architects, and of-course founders of Salesforce companies. We average around 1000 listens / month. Majority of our plays come from United States followed by EMEA, but we have listeners all across the globe, including Africa.

There's a problem in the ecosystem: hidden barriers. Lack of female and non-binary representation. To help overcome this, at least half our episodes are non straight males; those that have particularly overcome the odds and can help broaden our perspective. By advertising with us, you support diversity and entrepreneurship in the Salesforce ecosystem.

So, if you or your company have an app or a product or a service that you think can benefit with a little more reach, then I would urge you to get in contact with us:

I would be happy to send you more details about our sponsorship plan and upcoming series' 🙂