In my first startup, we called it a "pivot". But in reality, we got attracted to the consulting money and lost focus on product development. Therefore, the apps eventually went down the drain. All the hard work lost 😬

Selling on appExchange is hard. Time and again I have heard that ISV's get offered consulting gigs because customer's believe if they can build an app they should know the platform and rightly so. But my and everyone I know has the same advice: If you are building an app, do not accept consulting offers. Keep your eye on the ball 👀

In this episode, Chuck talks about his struggles with the same issue and how he overcame them.

A developer and consultant on the platform for the last decade, Chuck comes from the trenches of enterprise Salesforce development. On this episode of the Forcepreneur podcast Chuck shares with us about his startup Valence, going through the inaugural batch of the Salesforce Incubator, how he approaches work, being on the road teaching and speaking at conferences, living and working in Hawaii and more.

Listen to the episode to learn more about how to focus on your product and not worry about the money. If your product is good money will follow.

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