There is an old saying: There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself. In this episode, I sat down with Cheryl Porro who has a long history with Salesforce. She was at the right place (Salesforce) at the right time (2015) when the rocket ship was just starting it's ascend.

She grew with the company but it was not all hunky dory. In the episode she shares how she was denied promotion 3 times in a row. But rather than blaming them, she took it upon herself to improve. She listened to the feedback and then got coaching in whichever area she needed. As humans we very easily put the blame on other, rather than looking inwards to acknowledge that yes, maybe we are lacking something.

Currently CTO of Curve Health, Cheryl began her career as a chemical process engineer at International Paper and US Filter before transitioning to software engineering at companies including Amazon and DigitalThink Inc.

Porro also went on to becoming Senior Vice President of Technology & Product Delivery for, where she grew a team that launched multiple products for the nonprofit and education markets. Prior to that, she spent eight years leading a growing platform engineering team at

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There are 3 basic use cases for SMS Texting in Salesforce:

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  • And Bulk SMS Blasts give you a broadcast platform for connecting with large groups, expanding your network.

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