We are BACK! and with a BANG 🔥!

If you are part of the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s highly unlikely that you have not come across Gemma. She is an MVP, founder of LadiesBeArchitect and currently the CEO of The Architect Club: a new kind-of Salesforce service.

In this (bold) episode, we discuss what was it like for her to put all her savings into starting a company and then being hit by the pandemic 6 months into it.

We also talked about hard it is to acquire projects for a newly minted Salesforce consulting shop without “schmoozing” with the responsible folks.

Every founder should do the Business Value proposition exercise to identify what exactly are they selling to the customer.

Gemma is a fighter, both in professional as well as in personal life. She is very open about her battle with cancer and it was very inspiring to listen to how she tries to find positivity in everything.