Ever seen a car drive on a road without a steering wheel? That’s what it may feel like to work in an organization that does not take time to define its core values. They are important because values bind the whole organisation together as a collective and ensure everyone is on the right path. Plus, it gives a higher purpose to the work we do. When we lose touch with them, we lose direction.

Luca Benini is the Co-founder and COO of NativeVideo - A Salesforce AppExchange Partner. Luca got his start working with data, analytics and consumer research for marketing and product development at Yahoo. It was in 2012 that he was acquainted with Salesforce when they acquired Buddy Media (a SaaS platform that provided social CMS and CRM solutions), where he was helping manage the marketing operations.

According to Luca: ‘In this day and age, dealing with the younger generation, especially with a remote team can be quite difficult. In order to keep them motivated at work and align their actions behind the bigger values, one has to learn to say no to certain things to help focus on the more impactful. Prioritizing what works and what does not, helps create a north star to guide not only employees, but leaders as well.’

So, how does Luca actually manage people remotely? How does he scout and hire new talent? What advice does he have for individuals working in the B2B industry? Does he prefer pasta or pizza? Listen to find out!

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Books mentioned :

Born to Run

I'm Here to Win

Play Bigger

From Impossible To Inevitable

The 4-Hour Body

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