Keir aka Bob buzzard needs no introduction. I follow his blog since pretty much the first day I started in the ecosystem. He was beta-tester of the Salesforce CTA certification and is a well respected technology leader in the ecosystem.

So when I thought of doing a CTO series, it was obvious that Keir was going to be a part of it. In this episode we discuss his beginnings as a consultant and then climbing up the ladder. Continuing on that, we discuss what are his job-responsibilities as a CTO and is it important for a Salesforce CTO to be a CTA?

The episode is long coz I can just talk for hours with Keir. Later we discussed our main common love Salesforce Functions and how that can be a game-changer (i.e., if Salesforce gives it the right price). Lastly, he shared how he leads the team and nurtures upcoming talents at BrightGen.

A word from our sponsors:

In my conversations with CTOs, there is one recurring theme that really doesn't change no matter how quickly the technology advances. What we do—what we’re all trying to do at the highest level—is to help people connect and communicate and understand. After a year of COVID-19, we all understand just how precious those connections are, and that’s a driving objective for our sponsor Proton Text.
There are 3 basic use cases for SMS Texting in Salesforce:

  • 1-to-1 Messaging with customers & prospects, clients, partners and team members provides immediate communications that keep everyone connected wherever they are.
  • Automated texts, like appointment reminders and support case updates, maintain a sense of personal attention at enterprise scale.
  • And Bulk SMS Blasts give you a broadcast platform for connecting with large groups, expanding your network.

Proton Text is a complete SMS solution, built exclusively for Salesforce. Place the component on any page or in the utility bar. Link your conversations to any standard or custom record. Maintain security and enable team collaboration.