With over 20+ years of experience in software engineering, strategic account management, product development & up-skilling teams on cutting-edge technologies, Gaurav Kheterpal is no stranger to the Salesforce ecosystem. A 6x Salesforce MVP, he possess the most number of certifications (33+) which are not just limited to Salesforce. A fan of cricket, theatre and literature he currently resides in Jaipur (India).

He is currently the CTO of The MTX Group, co-leads the Jaipur Salesforce Developer group and organiser of Jaipur Dev Fest. In this episode he shares with us his humble beginnings as a developer, his time in France in early 2000's and how he moved to Salesforce (which he initially dislikes).

Later we discuss what was the journey like from developer to CTO and what were the stepping stones along the way. According to him, a Salesforce CTO should aim to become a Certified Technical Architect but not everyone is cut-out to be a CTA.

Listen to this episode to learn more about his thoughts on things a CTO should and shouldn't do, especially at a young Salesforce startup, what are the right reasons to be a CTA, how to nurture talent and how hard work and perseverance leads to success.

Design Patterns book: https://amzn.to/31VlTqD

Gaurav's Twitter: https://twitter.com/gauravkheterpal