June / July is celebrated as the ‘Gay Pride Month’ in many parts of the world. It is dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and their struggle against discrimination and social ostracisation. Standing in solidarity and reaffirming our commitment to representing voices from all communities - we at Forcepreneur have a very special episode for you.

Our guest Ashley Allen is the founder & CEO of ITequality. Launched in 2017 ITequality has a long history of employing underprivileged people and training them to become Salesforce professionals. She is one of the first to start a certified LGBT-Business Enterprise that is a federally recognized diversity supplier.

Ashley shares with us how she came up with the idea of starting ITequality, the tough decisions she had to make like coming out as a LGBT-Business enterprise, downsizing the team because of COVID and rebuilding her business. She remarks on how important a role the people around her played in helping her overcome her anxieties and empowered her to be where she is today.

When you face your fears, you discover that they were not as big of a threat as you thought them to be. All we need is a well rooted powerful motivator that helps us overcome our fears and reveal our true strength and capabilities.

Pride Month may look different this year, but we must remember to do all that we can to support and celebrate this diverse and vibrant community. Here’s wishing you a Happy Pride 🌈

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