I am really excited (and nervous) to finally share the podcast and website with y'all πŸ˜ƒ. It has been more than 3 months in the making, planning and executing.


I am starting a (salesforce) company and wanted to get information on how to start a business in this cosmos, how to run it Β and what are the basic do's & don't. There are many great resources available on the interwebs for general startup stuff such has The Indie Hackers or This Week in Startups but there is nothing like this in Salesforce world.

I wanted to challenge my creative side and do something out of computer science / programming realm. I was always interested in sound and have a decent record collection. Therefore, I was naturally attracted to Podcasting πŸŽ™. At some point I wanna to do video interviews, but let's take one step at a time.


Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same. But you leave 'em all over everything you do. ~Elvis Presley

Starting a company so you can make more money and be rich is of no use in todays world. Your business must contribute to the betterment of society and bring people forward.

I do not want to have just another "entrepreneurship" show. In Salesforce, we talk a lot about social impact and equality. These values are close to me and will be at the heart of this podcast. I want to promote female entrepreneurs and business' which have social impact. Therefore, I have decided to alternate episodes between all possible genders and try to pick my guests who are breaking the shackles.

I couldn't have asked for better guests to make my debut. They are:

  1. Reena Gupta: She is a serial entrepreneur and her company, Mom-relaunch, is helping moms re-enter the workforce. She embodies both values and is a Forcepreneur in true sense. Listen to her episode to learn how she is shaping the workforce and her advice for women on how to have a great family and successful career in parallel.
  2. Shell Black: He is a force to reckon with. He wears multiple hats and community is at the heart of his company. He started with a blog which slowly grew into this huge consulting firm. He is very candid and does not hide from sharing his lows. Hear it yourself and get a free class in hustling.
  3. Melissa Shepard: Though she is fairly young in her entrepreneurial journey, she has tons of experience with Salesforce and is already making big waves in the eco-system. Check her episode to learn more about WBENC, a certifier of women owned business' in US and also the importance of mindfulness in todays always-on world.


I can't. But we can.

This website and podcast would not have been possible without the support of following people.

Music 🎡

The intro and rapid-fire round music has been created by the very talented Victor Carreon. In his daytime we works as a Salesforce Architect at Ableton. His real passion lies in sound design. Get in touch for all your music related queries. Fun Fact: He is a 2x Dreamforce speaker.

Logo 🎨

The logo and design for this website and all my upcoming projects will be done by David Schuster. He works as a media designer at a creative agency in Berlin. Checkout his instagram for more dose of his drawings, they are amazing.

I am just starting on this journey so please let me know your feedback. I would highly appreciate it πŸ™πŸ½ You can tweet at me or send me a DM. If there is someone whom you think I should interview, please let me know that as well.

Stay tuned for more content πŸŽ™.