I could not have asked for a better guest to make my debut. Β Very few people embody the true forcepreneur spirit like Reena Gupta.

She is a serial entrepreneur and this is her 5th venture. At Mom-relaunch, she is helping moms get back into the workforce. They are re-training (or upgrading) the moms who were on maternity leave, preparing them for the current job-market and then helping them get jobs. Entrepreneurship to me, it not just about having an idea and starting a company; It's about what values does the company has and how is it contributing to the benefit of the society. She is a Forcepreneur in true sense and an inspiration for women out there.

In this episode, she talks about the importance of building a support system in-order for moms (or everyone for that matter) to have that peace of mind to focus on work. More importantly, she talks about time-management and the art of delegation in order to be successful at your workplace.

My big take away from the discussion was about the importance of networking and how it is an art. When going to meetings / networking events, we should not just focus on how it is beneficial for us, but also, how can we benefit someone else and pay it forward 🀝.

Value Time.

Later, she talks about the power of the platform, where you do not have to convince a new customer about scalability / security as Salesforce handles that for you.

Listen to the episode in all its entirety and let me know how it was πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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