Paul Ginsberg is an OG when it comes to Solopreneurship, therefore, you should not skip this episode if you are planning to become a freelancer in Salesforce ecosystem. Even after freelancing for 6 plus years, I learned a lot from him while recording this episode.

I got to know Paul at YeurDreamin 2019 and soon after that he became one of my goto person when it comes to anything Ohana. He is a gem of a person and always open to listen to your ideas. But please be prepared for his honest feedback, it's not for the faint-hearted.

He won the prestigious golden hoodie in 2018 and is a founding member of YearDreamin, YeurLeadin and now Non-profit Dreamin. Check-out this episode to learn more about how you can improve yourself as a Salesforce Consultant.

Oh and tickets for Non-profit Dreamin are still on sale. Grab them while they last, you will be surprised how much they cost:

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